DotA 6.67c OMG 1.04h

This maybe the last update on Dota 6.67c OMG map. The next release would be when Dota 6.68 is finally released.

DotA 6.67c OMG v1.04h

* New skills are available in pool (after some recoding; all features are saved): Juxtapose, Grow (may has some scale glitches), Take Aim (range only), Jinada, Psi Blades (range only), Tide Bringer (melee only), Counter Helix, Sticky Napalm.
* Removed Natural Order and Charge of Darkness from pool.
* Fixed Lunar Blessing (vision).
* Changed Illuminate and Unstable Concoction type from multi-icon to normal, Forest Sentinel from normal to multi-icon.
* Replaced Enchant Totem from useless skills to normal.
* Skills replenish time in taverns is increased to 9999 seconds.
* Renamed -showallies into -showabilities (shorted -sa stays same). Now it shows everyone's abilities.
* Fixed Skewer.
* Tooltips fixes.

6.68 is somewhere around, so I will wait it for next update.

User Comments:
1. Just so people know that "Scale issues" on Grow means that due to how grow works it will alter your hero's size randomly based on the units actual scale. Mess around with it for some wacky results, like a microscopic clockwork goblin! (not that you'd want to pick that crap hero anyway

2. finally the combo i wished for so long!!! jinada + enchant totem + grow!!!

3. Btw, how about to make 'Take Aim' and 'Psi Blades' unstackable? Already played sniper with 1030range, thats really annoying.
And don't forget to fix skill hotkeys descriptions in drafting or -sa.
Meld [R] should be Meld [D]
and Torrent [R] must be [E].. i don't remember other, but ima sure there are some other mistakes.

4. The enchant totam trick still work while orb walking (getting bonus damage on more than one attack) works because you aren't attacking. Casting an orb manually counts as using a spell, not as attacking :spydance: . This is also why you can use them during nature's guise and use them to harass enemies near their tower without drawing tower aggro.

Download link:
DotA 6.67c OMG v1.04h

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