Garena Universal MapHack 11 - GUMH 11 for Blizzard 1.24e Patch

Garena Universal MapHack v11 - GUMH v11 - This is the updated version of GUMH to support the new blizzard patch v1.24e. The GUMH v11 supports the following:

* warcraft 1.24e patch

Garena Universal MapHack 11 - GUMH 11 with support for Blizzard 1.24e Patch

This works ONLY with Garena. Use original Garena and avoid using it with other Garena cracks (like protection removers, dll unloaders, cracked versions etc) or it will get detected.

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Garena Universal MapHack Version 11 update:
- Reworked how GUMH starts and loads - to fix the error when gumh wasn't loading
- GUMH is now compatible with ! - you can play on bnet afer using GUMH on Garena. (but still GUMH is not for battlenet - you cannot play with gumh on battlenet)
- Added a button to restore your W3 patch - if it gets damaged
- various bug fixes

If you got W3 loading error please UN-CHECK SOME BOXES!

How to install Garena Universal Maphack 11 - GUMH 11 for Warcraft 1.24e
- First you must download Garena Universal Maphack 11 for Warcraft 1.24e.
- Extract content into any folder then double click "Garena Universal MH.exe"
- Set Warcraft 3 Path by clicking 'Change Path' button.
- Click "Start Garena Universal Maphack" button
- Execute Warcraft 3 using Garena client.

Download Garena Universal MapHack 11 - GUMH 11
Garena Universal MapHack v11 for Warcraft 1.24e mirror 1
Garena Universal MapHack v11 for Warcraft 1.24e mirror 2

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